Hundreds of healthcare protesters in Oklahoma marched to the state capitol to fight for mental health privacy rights.

The protest was in response to a new bill that would require healthcare providers to enter patient records into an online database.

Many protesters argue that this is a violation of patients’ rights and privacy.

The new law is set to go into effect on July 1st.

Protesters are worried that the law will reduce privacy protections for mental health records.

They are also concerned that this will push healthcare providers to leave the field.

Oklahoma Healthcare Authority Secretary, Kevin Corbett, argues that the new law will add to coordination of care and better treatments.

Corbett reassured everyone that there will be very strict access in terms of who can look at the database.

The OHCA Board of Directors will cast their final votes on March 22nd.

Protesters hope to bring awareness to patients and clients on how the new law would affect their privacy.

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