Spotify Launches Wrapped 2022 Campaign

Taking a look back at what has happened to music over the past year, Spotify is now ready to reveal its year-end Wrapped campaign. The campaign includes the top albums, songs, podcasts, and genres for the year. You can check it out on your smartphone or computer, or even through your internet browser. You can share your favorite songs and albums from the past year via social media.

The Wrapped campaign features a new hub, as well as a new virtual merch section. You can buy special Bitmoji apparel and browse the mercy of top artists. It’s all designed to make it easier for fans to find and share their favorite music.

The Wrapped campaign is available on Spotify’s mobile app, desktop app, and through web. The new hub is a combination of music, podcasts, merchandise, and games. It allows you to see the top songs and albums of the year, listen to the top podcasts, and browse the merchandise of the top artists. You can also get a glimpse at upcoming events, including live shows and concerts.

The Wrapped campaign features a video campaign with Bad Bunny, who’s had more than 18.5 billion streams this year. He’s also featured in a quiz about streaming milestones. Spotify is also doubling down on its video-message feature for artists. Currently, more than 100 artists have recorded thank-you messages for fans. These messages are compiled into video feeds for each listener.

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