Refunds for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Players

Scarlett and Violet had one bad launch. Framerates that are slow to a crawl, horrible graphics popping in, and characters and monsters cutting through each other are just a few of the problems. Pokeballs can cause the scenery to disappear and the camera to go haywire. These flaws can have a devastating effect on gameplay, making Scarlet and Violet the most hated games in the series. Reddit users have demanded refunds for digital purchases made since November 18, when the games were officially launched. Many are also claiming success.

After feeling that the game was not in a good enough state to be released as AAA, I received a refund from Violet’s shop,” Redditor Hotdog_Daddy posted on r/Pokemon on November 20. The rep actually said that she would review my case due to the current state of Pokemon S/V. It was approved within an hour. One reply said, “Welcome to the refund team. We are potentially causing some serious backlash. Perhaps we’ll get some patches and updates. In which case, I might buy the game used. I won’t buy a new Pokemon video game until it is AAA tier.

User Jaded Goth received thousands of upvotes for another post that said, Refunded. I won’t be part of this problem anymore. This franchise will have many people who will fight for it until the end. You could look at the game and say that this was their best effort. The graphics and FPS made me recheck whether I was playing it on a toaster. They managed to remove so many wonderful features and quality-of-life things, such as showings status animations, and decisions with exp share. I could go on.

They said that since I had complained about the game’s state, I could no longer participate in this problem. I felt much better after getting my money back.
These threads and many others are where Redditors share their experiences in trying to get refunds from Nintendo. While many claims to have succeeded, some Redditors feel that Nintendo customer service needs some finessing before they will allow them to issue a refund.
Kotaku reached Nintendo for comment, but they couldn’t confirm whether refunds were being issued.

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