Protests break out in China’s Covid-hit iPhone factory

Videos posted to social media showed that unrest broke out at Foxconn’s massive iPhone factory in Zhengzhou (China), according to reports.

Images circulating on Weibo, Twitter, and other social media sites showed large-scale protests at Foxconn’s massive iPhone factory in Zhengzhou (central China) that broke out.

On Wednesday, hundreds of workers marched on a street in daylight. Some were confronted by a row riot police officers and people wearing hazmat suits.

Some workers complained about the food they were given, while others claimed they weren’t being paid the promised bonuses.

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A clip from a live stream captured dozens of workers shouting “Defend your rights!” According to the news agency AFP, they were confronted by a row of police officers and a vehicle equipped with flashing lights as they defended their rights!

One worker pulled a barricade made of metal along the ground as smoke rose from the vehicle. The streamer said in the background, “They are rushing into!” Smoke bombs! Tear gas!” AFP stated.

One photo was taken during the day and showed the charred remains a gate that had apparently been burned during the night.

On Wednesday, the Weibo hashtag “Foxconn Rebels” was censored online. However, some text posts that reference large-scale protests at Foxconn factory remained active.

With over 200,000 employees, the Zhengzhou plant is the world’s largest iPhone manufacturing facility.

Many workers fled in October, their escapes being captured on social media. This is because of frustration over how Covid cases were handled and the treatment of employees.

The manufacturer launched a campaign to encourage workers to stay, and also to recruit more employees, promising better per-hour wages and bonuses.

Due to Zhengzhou’s Covid situation, the factory has maintained closed-loop operations. This means that staff live and work in isolation from the outside world.

Apple stated earlier this month that production has been affected by discontent and curbs, and it expects lower shipments of its premium iPhone 14 models.

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