Donald Trump reacts to Supreme Court’s order to release tax returns for House Democrats

The U.S. Supreme Court has ordered Donald Trump’s tax returns to be turned over to House Democrats. This ends a long legal battle that was started by Trump. Trump is unhappy.
Trump posted on Truth Social that Trump called the decision “unprecedented” as well as stating that it sets a terrible precedent for future Presidents.

It is not surprising that the Supreme Court ruled against me. They always do. Trump said in two posts that it is unprecedented for Trump to hand over tax returns.
The Supreme Court has lost all its prestige and honor. It has become a political body with our country paying the price. They refused even to look at the 2020 Election Hoax. Shame on them. He added, asking rhetorically if President Biden and Hunter Biden would receive the same treatment.

House Democrats have been looking for Trump’s tax records for years to investigate possible tax fraud and other wrongdoings of him or his organization.
The House Ways and Means Committee, a Democrat-controlled committee, was led by Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.). In 2019, the Committee requested six years of Trump tax returns. The Trump administration quickly blocked this request, since he was president at the time.
Although the Trump administration’s Treasury Department refused the records, President Biden won the White House and the Justice Department reversed the decision of the previous administration.

Biden’s DOJ stated that Congress should have the right to review Trump’s tax returns in 2021.
Trump and his legal team immediately sued the Treasury Department to prevent the release of the records. They asked the Supreme Court for an intervention, which sparked the legal battle.
Although lower courts had supported the House committee, Chief Justice John Roberts issued a stay in October. This prevented the Treasury Department’s handing over of the records until the Supreme Court could decide on the legality.

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