China Provides: Record Number of Cases as Virus Boosts Nationally

There are several outbreaks in major cities, including Beijing and Guangzhou, which is the southern trade hub.

Wednesday’s total of 31,527 cases was higher than the 28,000 recorded in April when the country’s largest city, Shanghai, was taken into custody.

This is because of the fact that unrest continues to erupt despite strict lockdowns.

China’s zero-Covid policies have saved the lives of over 1.4 billion Chinese people, but they also doomed the economy and the lives of ordinary citizens.

The rising number of cases comes even though the country has relaxed some Covid restrictions a few weeks ago.

It reduced quarantine for close contact from seven days in a facility to five and three days at home. Secondary contacts were also stopped from being recorded, which meant that many more people could avoid quarantine.

Officials also tried to avoid blanket lockdowns similar to the one Shanghai had earlier in the year.

However, Beijing has seen a resurgence in the number of cases and the first death from the virus since months. Officials have implemented restrictions in many districts with schools, shops and restaurants closing.

Officials announced that the central city of Zhengzhou will also enforce a lockdown for 6,000,000 residents starting Friday.

This follows violent protests at an industrial complex owned by Foxconn, the iPhone maker. The company has apologized for the “technical error” in its payment systems.

Online, other stories of pain and despair have been shared. They’ve fueled public anger.

Reports that a Zhengzhou baby died from complications resulting from Covid restrictions caused a huge outcry.

China’s Covid rises again

Zero-Covid China: Is the World Cup on another planet or is it?

China is the last major economy to pursue a Covid elimination process that includes mass testing and lockdown rules.

However, virus cases are being reported in 31 provinces.

President Xi Jinping stated that strict controls are necessary to protect the country’s large elderly population. Only half of those over 80 receive their primary vaccines, compared to other developed countries.

Although China is experiencing an increase in infection rates, it is still much lower than other advanced economies during their pandemic peak.

China’s official death rate has remained at less than 5,200 since the pandemic.

This equates to three Covid deaths per million in China, as compared to 3,000 in the US and 2,400 in the UK.

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